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Xen-Orchestra by Vates, is the best backup, disaster recovery and management software for XenServer and XCP-NG hypervisors.

Why Xen-Orchestra

Xen-Orchestra is developed by the same group of developers working on XEN project, part of LINUX FOUNDATION. Xen is the engine of hypervisors used by hosting companies like Amazon Web Service, Tencent and Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace’s Public Cloud and IBM Softlayer. Their experience in managing this efficient linux based hypervisor in incomparable to any other development group.

The story of Xen-Orchestra – and VATES

The development group started in 2012 in Grenoble, France with just three developers. They worked strictly with the XEN development, in two years they created Xen-Orchestra. The first version offered a secure web interface for accessing XenServer, then they added an efficient patch management, then a reliable backup system, with continuous replication feature. After ten years it became the undisputed backup leader in Xen based hypervisors. VATES also created the open-source hypervisor called XCP-NG: a fork from Xen with many improvements from the original project. Thanks to XCP-NG companies of any size can enjoy the power of an enterprise grade hypervisor that doesn’t lock you in an expensive subscription – you just pay for the pro support, if you want. At the beginning of 2024 XCP-NG has reached 1 million of downloads.

Best licensing ever

Only Xen-Orchestra has a flat licensing model in hypervisor backup: you buy one license per company, you can manage unlimited hosts and you can backup unlimited virtual machines.

Why Optanex for Xen-Orchestra

We have a long experience with Xen-Orchestra both on licensing and on technical sides. If you love Xen-Orchestra and XCP-NG we can offer you a good discount, let’s know each other!

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