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High speed secure hosting

High speed for e-commerce and web applications

Are you looking for a high speed hosting without spending a bunch of money?

Are you tired of getting absurd bills from Azure or Amazon? Tired of being unable to predict the exact cost of it?

Like you, we are tired to pay unmotivated high monthly fees for a high speed hosting: as hosting brokers, we will find the best high speed hosting for you, at the most affordable price. Independent hosting companies now can offer an unprecedented quality at good prices.

E-commerce and web application hosting services can be featured with:

  • uptime monitoring services for uninterrupted service assurance, both unauthenticated and authenticated
  • weekly/monthly vulnerability assessment testing and reporting
  • performance testing

Tell us your e-commerce average daily visitors/orders and we will offer you 3 different hosting solutions at a good price. Then we will discuss together which can be the most suitable for you.

For payment we accept bank swift, debit/credit CARDS, Bitcoin. Start your journey into hosting quality here:

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High speed for WordPress

WordPress secure hosting

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). Far to be just a blogging solution, WordPress is successfully used by several corporate to publish corporate websites and complex web platforms able to generate terrific revenues.

If you’ve thought about creating an online destination simple to be maintained, you should consider going the WordPress hosting route, as it offers many benefits.
But when you are talking about hosting the offer is crowd of opportunities and choosing the right one is not an easy task.

The vast majority of the Web hosts offer some kind of WordPress service, but to find a secure one, in and optimized or managed environment is not easy because it deserves a experience and uncommon skills for the vast majority of the company.

Optanex WordPress Secure Hosting

You have a WordPress website or platform with added value for your business:

  • the corporate website, the hearth of the web reputation of the Company, the first asset a prospect will check to decide to transform itself in a customer;
  • a web tool o r platform able to generate revenue. It could be your eCommerce or your lead generation tool able to convert prospects into customers;
  • every WordPress based solution able to generate profit for you.

Optanex WordPress Secure Hosting Includes:

  • High performance, scalable web hosting
  • WordPress updates and general maintenance services
  • backup service with 30 restore days
  • Monthly Vulnerability Assessment performed with enterprise grade software
  • website monitoring services for uninterrupted service assurance
  • weekly vulnerability assessment testing and reporting

Finding a decent WordPress hosting could already be a painful process. Finding a WordPress Secured hosting service able to fit the independence requested by customers with security and high service standards could be almost a challenge.
So if you you need a solution that will provide  high security standard on WordPress to your web presence with a rock-solid reliability and hopefully not break the bank, you may have a call with us.

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About us

At Optanex we believe that to develop great web applications, manage strategic IT services and create successful marketing campaigns are needed excellent developers and system engineers, but also eclectic people.

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