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website vulnerability assessment: why do you need it?

More than 70% of public websites have vulnerabilities. This could lead to sensitive data theft, or even worse, data alteration. Hackers are concentrated on web-based applications because they are public and always accessible from anywhere in the world. This is the simple reason why you need a security vulnerability assessment.

SSL certificates and firewalls are futile against web application hacking

Applications are made out of forms, code, certificates, scripts, and databases: every component should be tested again and again, to be sure. And after a new version the process should start again.

Web applications provide easy access to backend corporate databases and allow hackers to perform illegal activities using the compromised site like attacking other websites.

Web application attacks are launched on port 80/443 or even other ports, go through the firewall, past the operating system and network security, and reach the heart of your corporate data.

Are your applications tested by third parties?

Tailor-made web applications are often insufficiently tested, and have undiscovered vulnerabilities. Find out if your website is secure before hackers download sensitive data.

Find now if your web applications are secure

Optanex Security Vulnerability Assessment scans standard and custom-built web applications and websites for Host Header Attacks, SQL Injection, Code Injection, and wrong certificates: over 500 web vulnerabilities.

Human readable result of security vulnerability assessment

Optanex Vulnerability Assessment is performed by skilled security technicians using standard, updated libraries so you’ll get readable reports, in a short and detailed version.

Warnings are not enough! You need solutions.

Every full-featured report comes with detailed solutions to fix the vulnerabilities found.

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