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Optanex backup service

Optanex Backup Service is the full automatic encrypted cloud backup data protection platform for small and medium businesses.

Backup software

Main features

Optanex Backup Service is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC, both clients and servers. It can perform file backup, image based backup, Microsoft SQL Server backup.

Microsoft SQL Server backup

You can perform full and differential SQL backups, the integration plugin runs seamlessly in the background as a service, never interrupting or shutting down the SQL databases. It takes minutes to configure the MS SQL backup job, once completed, backups will run automatically. You can even run multiple SQL backups per day without interrupting your database normal workflow.

Automatic Backup

Optanex Backup Service is completely automatic, once the software is installed, you will create a backup set. The backup set is the list of files that you want to back up along with the schedule of when you want the backups to occur. You do not have to select each and every file that you wish to protect because the software includes wizards that make it effortless to choose the files for your backup set. You can also manually run a backup at any time.

Optanex Backup Service allows you to select multiple folders, local files, network files, exclude certain folders; once you’ve selected what to back up, you’ll decide the backup scheduling and how many versions to keep.

Email Notifications

If you want even more assurance that your backups are functioning, you have the option of receiving automatic email notifications about your backups. You can turn this option on and off whenever you want from either the software or by managing your account from the platform.

On premises and off-site data backup

With the same license you can perform on premises backup and off-site backup. With off-site backup, Optanex Backup will prevent the loss of data in the event of a natural or man-made disaster such as fire or theft. Optanex Backup stores your backup data on Amazon Web Server (AWS) located in Europe which availability rating is over of 99.9 percent.

Online Backup Service

Your data are safe, only you can perform a data restore

Optanex Backup let you choose to encrypt your backup data before transferring them to the datacenter. If you choose to do so, your data will be unreadable by anybody else than you. Beware: encryption is AES 256 bit, please keep your encryption password carefully, we cannot help you to restore your data if you loose it.


Optanex Backup Service is available for unlimited cloud storage, you will never run out of storage space.

Restore 24/7

Restore files when you want, as often as you want. You have the ability to retrieve individual files, entire folders, whole servers or single databases. To restore individual items, you can log in to the Optanex Backup software client or Online Portal and choose the data you would like to restore. The data will then be downloaded, decrypted, and then restored to the original location or another specified location on the system. In the event of a complete system failure, a full data recovery can be initiated in just minutes. The recovery procedure can be performed on any computer — not just the computer where the data was originally backed up.

Bare Metal Restore

Image backups from Optanex Backup enables customers to safeguard all of their physical machines from business continuity threats, such as accidental file deletion, hardware failure, or natural disaster. The Optanex Backup allows you to back up entire servers, desktops, or laptops as images and restore data to the same or a different physical machine. You can also recover to dissimilar hardware (a replacement machine with a different hardware configuration than the original machine) in the event of total system failure.

Our Point-in-Time Restore feature allows you to recover to a point in time at the volume level of the restore, allowing for a large degree of flexibility in the event your systems were impacted by data corruption or viruses. For example, you can choose to recover your Boot Volume from the most recent backup while recovering your data volume from a backup a week ago.

Multiple Revisions

With Optanex Backup you can store an unlimited number of versions of the same file. So, if you have certain files or databases that are updated every day or every week, you can always go back to a previous version if you need to. Go back to yesterday. Go back to last month. Plus, you never again have to worry about accidentally deleting the information in a file or overwriting a file by mistake. Optanex Backup offers a powerful revision rule wizard that lets you manage how old versions of files are stored. You can set the number of revisions for each file, folder, program, or wildcard.

Fair use policy

Optanex Backup unique pricing is based on your data storage, not backup space. This makes easier for you to estimate your online backup service price, you will not worry about backup revisions, plans, versions. As our pricing is based just on your total data space to protect and not on how many backup sets you create, it’s a fair use policy, we expect it won’t be abused. For example: you have a MS SQL database of 100 GB of data, you will simply buy a 100 GB backup plan, that’s it. Try our Optanex Backup Service calculator now.

How to activate it

Get an estimate now, pay via bank transfer, you’ll receive the initial credentials to activate the software and to access to online portal. Installation is simple, you’ll be guided trough a step-by-step wizard. Here we offer a quick estimate calculator, if you have many client and servers to backup, feel free to ask us for a detailed quote, you’ll save money!

Optanex Backup Service calculator

Optanex Backup Service calculator

Microsoft Windows Servers and Clients, Linux, MAC OS. See Software download page for detailed compatibility.
You pay for your live data, not for backup space: specify just GB of storage space occupied by operating systems and your data; in case of a database, just specify your database size

About us

At Optanex we believe that to develop great web applications, manage strategic IT services and create successful marketing campaigns are needed excellent developers and system engineers, but also eclectic people.

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