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Secure Virtual PC

Virtual PC

Your office can be everywhere!

A secure, full-featured, virtual PC Windows accessible from everywhere at an affordable price is a reality with Optanex Secure Virtual PC.

You’ll have your favourite Microsoft Office applications, the browser of your choice, 500 GB of storage for tour documents, Adobe Acrobat, Zip compression tools, image editing tools, PDF creator, Cryptomator, all you need to work safely from home, office, hotel… everywhere you find a WiFi or 3G connection.

What if you have an old PC or Mac? Not a problem, you will be able to connect with the speed of light to your virtual workplace.

Printing? It’s not an issue: you will print on the printer connected to your  PC or Mac.

But, most importantly: all your data will be encrypted on the disk surface of your virtual PC.
In the remote event of a physical attack on our data centres, your virtual PC will be no more than an unreadable disk surface.

Virtual PC backup on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc…

Secure Virtual PC Windows with Optanex

Do you care about your work? We love more. In addition to our whole-PC overnight backup, but can also save your data on your favorite cloud-based secure file storage: Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox for the Business of your choice.

You don’t trust them? No worries, you may encrypt your files before sending them to the cloud with Cryptomator, the powerful military-grade encryption tool which you will find ready to use on your Virtual PC. You will just need to buy your own Cryptomator account,  and you’ll keep your master password for yourself.

Want to read your email from a secure place? You may use MS Outlook,  Chrome or Internet Explorer. But all your data traffic will be on the data centre and will not go out from there.

No more data leakage from your virtual PC windows

Are you scared of data leakage? Nobody can read or “sniff” the communication between your Mac (or PC) and your Optanex Secure Virtual PC: all the traffic is end-to-end encrypted with the award-winning Anydesk protocol.

A secure, full featured, virtual PC windows accessible from everywhere at an affordable price is reality with Optanex Secure Virtual PC. PriceOrder now your Optanex Secure Virtual PC

One Optanex Secure Virtual PC subscription will cost you less than your daily healthy snack with a good squeeze of orange juice.
If you represent a company you will be invoiced.

Optanex Secure Virtual PC price starts at only 599 € / year

Order now your Optanex Secure Virtual PC annual plan by filling out this form.

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