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About us

Optanex Holding Ltd was born from the union of different experiences in IT solutions.

We started bringing together a group of experienced IT system engineers and software developers from all around Europe, seeking to offer niche computing solutions to the European market.

We are proud of our, a revolutionary business management application and provider of IT infrastructure and security products and services particularly enticing to IT resellers and system integrators like:

  • Xen-Orchestra, the best backup, disaster recovery and management suite for XCP-NG, the open-source hypervisor
  • VDI Profiler, lightweight, revolutionary profile manager for Remote Desktop Server Hosting
  • enterprise online backup
  • vulnerability assessment services performed both on internet-exposed applications and on-premises infrastructures

About us

At Optanex we believe that to develop great web applications, manage strategic IT services and create successful marketing campaigns are needed excellent developers and system engineers, but also eclectic people.

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