about us

Optanex Ltd was born from the union of different experiences in the market of high performance IT solutions.

We started bringing together a group of experienced technicians from different nations working in Malta with the aim to offer niche computing solutions to the European market.

Being able to count on a lively and particularly rich market, Optanex’s offer did not stop with cybersecurity; it expanded to other digital sectors such as system services, hosting, online back-up, desktop as a service solutions and web application development.

Optanex offers value-added security services that are particularly attractive to IT resellers and system integrators who want to offer strategic solutions to final customers for the security of their applications on the Internet:

  • web-based business applications
  • CRM
  • e-commerce
  • configurators

These applications contain invaluable informations: thanks to Optanex’s vulnerability analysis services, this information can be secured against theft and cyber-attacks.

Since 2017, a group of software developers focused on large e-commerce systems has joined the company.

Optanex offering now is on strategic IT services and enterprise-class web applications.

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