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Custom software development

Custom Software development from Malta: .NET and JavaOptanex typically works by developing applications for third parties and is specialized in creating .NET and Java solutions based on service-oriented architecture and interoperability mechanisms between platforms.

Technology consulting

Even before the development customers ask our advice on identifying technologies to use. The choice of technology is particularly important because it is linked to the efficiency of the whole business project.

Thanks to Optanex consulting service, customers have the possibility of taking the most appropriate, economical, efficient and risk-free route.

Software prototyping

Optanex is the one-spot-partner that is capable of following you in all phases of a project, including those related to the prototyping of ad hoc software.

This is an important choice for wise investment and establishing a solid road map of continual improvements.

Development of extensions and integration

Often, independent software vendors ask for a very high price for integration and extensions of your ERP or ecommerce system.

Optanex has gained extensive experience in developing web applications that can extend the features of your ERP, CRM, e-procurement, ecommerce package.

Custom software development

Some examples of custom applications development in which we have strong experience:

  • ERP extensions, web based
  • ERP to e-commerce integration
  • HTML5 mobile app development

So, if you are searching for a long-lasting partnership with a provider that can develop your project, a provider capable of realizing your software vision by adding their experience along with an ability to design solutions valued by users, and if you are searching for a partner to supplement your knowledge, and who is available to develop the software that you have in mind, Optanex is unhesitatingly the candidate for this role.

Support and assistance

Optanex does all of this for you, offering a fast and reliable customer support service: you’ll have a partner to rely on that will never leave you.

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About us

At Optanex we believe that to develop great web applications, manage strategic IT services and create successful marketing campaigns are needed excellent developers and system engineers, but also eclectic people.

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