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Social media marketing services from Malta
Social Media Management ServicesA very interesting and noteworthy fact, with respect to those who access the Internet, is that 79% of these people access the Internet every day.

It is obvious that trying to be present in the minds of ones customers means that it is essential to understand their online habits. Where do our customers spend most of their time?  They most probably spend it on social networks.

Which social network should we choose for marketing?

What is the right social network for me?The answer to this question is so simple, while so difficult to put into practice, for the greatest possible number of users. Obviously this relates to the resources and time available. In technical jargon it is called omni-channelling; giving up a channel means giving up potentially leading conversations through this channel.

How to navigate the social archipelago without running around

In terms of what we are currently witness to with social networks, there seems to be a race towards homogenisation- with Facebook in first place – which tends to both imitate and replicate the functions of the others.  These seem to be presented in a vast archipelago, consisting of various islands, each with its own dialect and its own specific population.

To exploit the potential of each of these extremely different worlds an editorial plan must be prepared, in which content is specifically dismissed on the grounds of each social network’s characteristics.

How can Optanex do for you with social media marketing services

Social media marketing services: Taking care of your social networkIn order to speak the language of any given social network it is simply not enough just to understand how the specific communication paradigm of that network operates, but the dynamics running the market that you are about to approach must be thoroughly understood as well.

Our experts can help you to:

  • align the presence of your brand’s identity on social networks
  • define the content strategy and paid advertising, and the stylistic guidelines and editorial calendar
  • analyze the data and metrics for understanding what works, what does not work and why this is, to assess whether there is a return on investment, and to understand the needs and desires of the intended users.

We often train junior personnel, those who personally spend time on social media.  However, in addition to supporting the strategical and analytical side of the business, we also sometimes train those who work on the operative side, generally this involves Community Managers.

On these occasions this is how we do it:

  • create – or clean up and update –the pages on the selected social network channels in the strategy, optimization and alignment of the brand identity
  • select and program other people’s content for sharing (content curation)
  • create and program their own content in terms of graphic materials
  • listen and respond to user interaction, moderating conversations where appropriate
  • monitor mentions of the brand
  • create data and metrics reports
  • support customers in managing negative comments and media crisis in their social networks.

Why social media marketing services by Optanex

Because in addition to having a specialized knowledge of the various channels of communication it’s necessary to have a specialized knowledge of the market in question.

Optanex has chosen to offer its services specializing in social media management for B2B in the high technology sectors: mechanics, biotechnology, and last but not least, Information Technology.

At Optanex we believe that with each day there is less and less space for spin doctors and an increasing need for experienced people who have made a leading decision to specialize in one area and therefore acquire the ability to bring value with them.

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