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SEO ServicesTaking first place on a search engine is the most common wish for anyone with a website.  Whether this be a blog, a showcase website or an eCommerce site, everyone wants to climb up Google to be in first position.

This is a fundamental part of every company’s digital marketing strategy. It is like a language; the language used for the search engine to understand our website and offer it to anyone looking for it. Just like every language, this changes and evolves over time.  Most of the “classic” rules will still be valid, but they are no longer sufficient and must be supported given new activities such as copywriting, UX, advertising, digital PR, social media marketing and content marketing.

By orchestrating all these activities you can get interesting results with smaller budgets. On the other hand, by neglecting them we are denigrating our web presence to something irrelevant.

Is SEO magic?

Whereas once you could entrust SEO to a specialist who did not know anything about your business, today it is important to choose the specialists who are fully connected with the industry in which your company operates.  Consequently your products will be understood so they can be found, appreciated and chosen by your customers.

SEO is a serious job that can achieve significant results.  But it is not magic, even though many “sorcerer’s apprentices” have boasted left, right and center that they care capable of guaranteeing a Google placement.  In reality working with search engines is a job that is never finished.

SEO is a process

Search Engine optimizationEvery day thousands of new sites emerge that will compete for a position above your own site.  Unfortunately, optimizing search engines is not an activity that can be set aside once it is done.  SEO is a process requiring continual care and attention as it means that even the most basic results must be maintained over time.

Optanex can guide you through designing an SEO strategy

Optanex can guide your online presence to a top Google SERP position because, in addition to the skills of its experts, Optanex has access to a vast network of specialists with which it can orchestrate every single activity for any market.

Optanex is positioned as a fundamental support for improving your visibility so that your pages are popular in the search engines, besides being found, understood and chosen by many of your new clients.

Request an ad hoc quote

On what key issues do you need to position your site? What competitiveness is there in your niche market? These are just some of the variables that make it impossible to prepare the tariff to be presented. Instead, you must tell us your goals.  If you tell us what results in terms of search engine positioning you would like to reach, we will write a project tailored to the needs you have expressed.

Schedule a free conference call with one of our experts to talk about what is important to you.

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