SEO Audit

Why you should perform a SEO Audit?

How to run a professional SEO auditA SEO Audit is a powerful tool which you can evaluate which web marketing activities you can undertake in order to improve your on-line business by optimizing it on the search engines.

In particular, you will be able to:

  • know the health status of your own on-line presence on the web search engines
  • verify whether there is an existing SEO strategy on your site or e-commerce
  • know whether your site’s code has been optimized for positioning on the search engines
  • know which activities to carry out in order to drive organic traffic to your site
  • understand whether the contents have been written in an optimized manner
  • know the margins of improvement on your SEO strategy
  • obtain an evaluation of the situation in comparison to the competitors in relation to the level of positioning on the search engines
  • know the health status of the external links connecting to your site
  • check the contents of the architecture and of the internal link building toward your site or your e-commerce
  • know on which relevant keywords to work in order to obtain greater results
  • have the data you need in order to increase leads and conversion
  • know whether you have the right tools for a better placement
  • know how to solve on-line reputation problems
  • to perform a SEO check in order to have a second opinion on what has been done until today

What you will get with Optanex SEO Audit

SEO CheckerAn analysis containing the indications and the suggestions aimed at improving or correcting the eventual errors noticed will be drafted. Moreover, a list of activities suggested, divided according to the professional involved (graphic designers, developers, content editors, etc…) will be created.
 The report will be divided into:

  • analysis of the current project and of the field
  • front end analysis (template, css, …) with specifications of SEO interventions.
  • placements analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • back-end analysis (CMS, SEO tool, tags generation,…) with specification of interventions
  • verification of Google Analytics configuration and visits data
  • SEO verification on Google webmaster tool
  • performance analysis with specification of interventions

How much does it cost?

Seo Audit ReportChoose the SEO Audit that best suits to your needs:


  • perfect for a simple company website
  • pages range: up to 50
  • up to 2 languages
  • traffic less than 15.000/ 30.000 monthly visits


  • specifically designed for e-commerce projects
  • up to 50 categories of products / number of products from 300 to 10.000
  • up to 3 languages
  • traffic less than 60.000 monthly visits


  • suitable for complex or large websites or e-commerce
  • up to 50 categories of products / number of products from 300 to 10.000
  • traffic more than 60.000 monthly visits
  • digital reputation cleaning Audit included
  • up to 5 languages

Delivery times for the SEO Audit

Drafting a SEO Audit might need 10 to 15 days.

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