Real-Time Marketing

With Real-Time Marketing you will improve dramatically the performance of your online presence.

Real Time AnalyticsFirst of all you need Real–Time Analytics. What is Real–Time Analytics?

Real-time Analytics is the use, or the ability to use, all the available data in a period ranging from milliseconds to seconds.

Real-time Analytics is a powerful tool for reaching your objectives faster. Real-time analytics is made up of three elements:

  • Dynamic user behavior analysis
  • Detailed intuitive reporting
  • Automatic actions (display customized coupons, insert leads directly into the CRM and email marketing systems etc.)

Real-Time Marketing

Real Time MarketingReal-time marketing is an approach to the market that is based on the ability to respond quickly to events.

To carry out marketing in real time, an efficient and continuous user monitoring system is required, which can then trigger the appropriate actions.

With real-time marketing you can:

  • segment your users in real time
  • understand in detail the user behavior on the website
  • determine how to interact with users
  • save time editing reports
  • discover who the real users of your site are and give them profiles
  • connect the users to external marketing systems like CRM, email marketing systems, after sales management system etc.
  • connect e-commerce platforms

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