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Digital TransformationDigital Transformation is a process of renewal, redefinition and improvement of a business.  It is made feasible with Digital technology, while being based on analyzing and listening to customers’ needs.
The Internet has removed barriers, removed constraints, changed the lives of people and businesses, and also changed relationships between these people and businesses. But can a company really change by adopting new digital technologies?

Digital Transformation rule: first the people, then technologies

People are the most important ingredient of a Digital Transformation process. Before thinking about which digital technology to adopt and how to use it, and before getting carried away and implementing the latest digital tool craze without any idea of how to integrate it into business processes, it is important to understand that transformation is, first and foremost, a change in approach; a new and different way to interact with people, or rather with existing and potential clients.

Listen to learn how to be transformed

Digital Transformation: how to deal with it?The challenge that Digital Transformation poses for companies who decide to take it on is a complex and multifaceted one.

It means above all:

  • Getting to know how to understand and analyze the customer experience – approaching the company and reaching (or not reaching!) the decision to purchase – in the light of social media influences and, more generally, from the data provided by digital technology
  • Listening to the needs of customers and being able to respond appropriately, and on time, through channels made available to, and used by, them
  • Adopting a strategic approach: monitoring business processes through data analysis, understanding where to intervene for designing these, taking operational decisions for effecting processes in time frames compatible for improving the business.
  • Keeping prospective digital marketing up-to-date
  • Assessing, adopting, and making the most of digital technology to streamline business processes and achieve concrete business results
  • Completing the company’s skill-set by integrating into the company existing staff with staff suitable for the new requirements, either through a period of temporary management or by providing the company with the skills and tools for operating autonomously

When the Digital Transformation follows a strategy, companies learn to listen to their customers, to interact better with them, and consequently to succeed in building a solid, trustworthy relationship that can withstand any crisis.

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