CRM coaching

Improve the User Adoption of your CRM with dedicated training

More than 70% of CRM fail is due to User Adoption issues

CRM Coaching: a simple CRM training to fix user adoption issuesThe majority of CRM projects fail. Among the many factors involved, the most influential is the level of user adoption that could be reached.

  • Start off on the right foot: do not overlook this aspect and order your course:
  • Motivate and direct users to daily and profitable use of their CRM
  • Learn to prevent users objections before they appear
  • Increase the involvement of users over time
  • Schedule effective training
  • Plan a system for continually improving your CRM

CRM Training objectives
Do you have problems with CRM adoption?User adoption remains the real challenge that any company investing in a Customer Relationship Management project must face. What would happen if the users failed to use the CRM?

Neither they themselves, nor the company, would be able to reap any benefits from the installation of this type of software.

Therefore, it is important, right from the start, to find a space for a Usage & Adoption program in your CRM implementation strategy. So much time is invested in choosing the right solution, and then looking for and scrutinizing the list of features for each CRM brand. Yet, often we forget how much weight is attached to the user’s reaction to a project’s success.

This course aims to offer to anyone wishing to implement CRM a stepping stone to start off on the right foot.

Reasons for a CRM fail

At the same time, the course is also useful for those companies who are wondering how they can make better use of the CRM they have bought: by understanding the dynamics of the adoption that the users have, it is possible to make up any lost ground.

Who is it for

The course is aimed at top managers, CRM administrators, key users and heads of department involved in the management of a project and, more generally, at all CRM users.

CRM Training TopicsCRM success? It's a matter of User Adoption

  • importance of the user experience in implementing CRM
  • common scenario to all CRM projects
  • how to choose your team for a CRM project
  • techniques for developing the user experience
  • the importance of training users
  • user incentivation
  • most common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • how to respond to objections
  • monitoring and improvement system

training course includes a technical part, exercises based on role play and a “Question and Answer” session on real-life company situations.

Price list for the CRM Coaching

Choose the course that best meets your needs:

CRM Workshop

1.500,00 € + VAT Travel expenses included for Italy and Malta.
  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • Perfect for anyone starting a CRM project today.
  • This is the ideal course for small companies and CRM owners with under 10 users.
  • The course is aimed at top managers, CRM administrators, key users and heads of department involved in the management of a project.
  • The course is essentially a single training module, provided at the client’s workplace.

CRM Full Training

3.000,00 € + VAT. Travel expenses included for Italy and Malta.
  • Duration: two days.
  • This course helps to understand the strategic importance of CRM in achieving its business objectives.
  • Essential for companies starting up a CRM project, and indispensable for anyone who already has CRM but is not fully satisfied with their current results.
  • It is aimed at all CRM users, divided into the following groups: Owners and Top Management, Traders, Staff personnel, Marketing and After Sales staff, provided with dedicated modules.
  • The course consists of a preparatory assessment and a 3 hour module for each group.

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